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Breakfast on the farm

Come Milk Belle the Cow
This weekend Sarah and I went to ‘Breakfast on the Farm’ in Southern Minnesota that we found while trying to compare mortgage rates, and you could do it too, just click on the link. Here are some pictures of our adventure. Although we did not milk the cow we learned much about the farm industry. Each cow produces an average of 12 gallons of milk a day and eat roughly 60lbs of food. (note the graphic design work in rural areas)
Sarah with a Cow

The cow that my lovely wife is holding right now is worth as much as a new small car! Cows that produce large amounts of milk and meet high standards, embryos are sold to other farmers from as far away as Japan. Farming is no longer local it is international.
Hay Ride

This photo was taken from our hayride through the field. Corn is a little slow this year due to the cold. It has been a very cold spring/summer.
Cow Bling

This cow seemed like a badass…. check out the Cow Bling.

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coffee + apple keyboard

After working in IT for a few years at a major medical hospital, dealing with ‘keyboard condoms’ and dirty keyboards I would have thought keyboards would have become better. Maybe it just takes time. I find the iPhone touchscreen is the only way to have a cleanable surface that can’t be ruined by spilling coffee.


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Vinyl Sting

Mad props to Dan Vedamuthu for putting this thing together. 9 layers just to make ‘Sting’. Sometimes you are told to put things in vinyl…. yeah…

The RCTC Echo Logo in vinyl

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Hello world!

Hey all, Thank you for viewing my Designer Notebook.

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