The use of podcast technology and other online visual media in graphic design education: The development of a web site to connect graphic design students and researchers with global design knowledge and experience.

Designer Network
Podcasting subscription management is a benefit for education of graphic design students is an important historical reference for graphic design researchers. The global accessibility of this new media provides students both in traditional classroom and in web based education to have the same access to information. The creation of connects students and researchers with design-based presentations and lectures that will enrich the collective knowledge base of graphic design.

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Second Life
In the construction of this thesis I discovered a development that has been occurring in Internet technology over the past few months. It would be an oversight not to include the development of an online community known as Second Life ( Second Life started in 2003 and just now has been coming to the forefront of the Internet. It has captured the attention of many businesses in recent months. Sun Computers, IBM, General Motors, and Toyota for example have been scrambling to have a virtual presence in the 3D virtual world. Second Life has its own economy, exchange rates, the ability to chat to others, and the ability to fly and teleport.

I have chosen to mention the existence of Second Life to encourage further research into this 3D Internet for web based education, as well as to encourage the curriculum of a graphic design program to include graphic design in 3D animation. The CEO of this virtual world, Philip Rosedale, sees Second Life as a 3D web browser of the future.

For my MFA show I created a virtual replica of the Tweed Museum of Art student gallery in Second Life allowing the 3 million of the virtual residents to view what I could see in real life.

Second Life Tweed Museum of Art Student Gallery

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